(untitled self-arrangement)

digital image, tryptich

1747 x 1747 px each



3D model/sculpture. Currently available for viewing at Wretched Light Industry and Civa Festival




(não há imagem aqui)

Ongoing project started in 2016. Algorithmic artwork that draws from the Google Street View API to create a bot that wanders through its database, registering in short videos the different paths it goes through. The project is inspired by the ideas of agency and automation — what would happen if, instead of me and my own body, I entrusted a piece of code to travel through distances I could possibly not achieve? 


Originally started by wandering through the same paths as all train lines in Rio de Janeiro (caminhos possíveis para ramais de trem do rio de janeiro, 2016), it was currently commissioned by NEoN Digital Arts Festival in collaboration with The Indeterminacy Project (University of Dundee) to create a randomized, London-based version. It was composed of website, Instagram page and shown as a physical exhibition in the Nomas* Project Space in Dundee, Scotland.

Drifting (greater london, randomized) worked by automatically creating a journey every hour and uploading it to the website-archive, which was online for the same duration of the physical exhibition. It also ran an Instagram page in parallel, which posted a new journey video every hour.

The results can be currently seen in the Instagram archive.

Many thanks to Nicolas Brunelle for the website coding.

caminhos possíveis para ramais de trem do rio de janeiro, 2016

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 23.52.54.png

drifting (greater london, randomized), website-archive, currently offline

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 00.01.34.png
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Video installation at Nomas* Project Space. Image courtesy of Joseph De Lappe.